How Cereal And Video Games Got Together To Make Sales


The “Breakfast and Blue Jeans–better together” promo shows the wide accessibility of Old Navy’s offbeat lifestyle position. The retailer’s name will be on the front of 3 million cereal boxes, and the entire back panel will advertise the promo, which offers consumers $5 off Old Navy purchases of $25 or more. In true Old Navy ad style, the panel contains the coupon and a shot of its jeans, with campy graphic bursts highlighting product features through nutritional-type boasts, such as “fortified with six sturdy rivets” and “good for you.” The Old Navy logo and slogan, “Shopping is fun again,” runs below.

A side panel announces a sweepstakes. For the grand prize, an Old Navy truck will bring jeans, sweatshirts, caps and cereal to up to 2,000 students at the winner’s school. TV spots by General Mills agency Campbell Mithun Esty, Minneapolis, will carry “Breakfast and Blue Jeans” tags. Cinnamon Grahams, an extension of Golden Grahams, is budgeted for a $16-20 million launch.

In turn, Cinnamon Grahams gets a presence in Old Navy stores. All locations–237 in total–will feature posters, samples and cereal boxes. Key stores, like the New York flagship, could get rotating oversized cereal boxes and window displays. One showing a mannequin family at the breakfast table is being considered.

Richard Crisman, Old Navy’s vp-marketing, said General Mills liked Old Navy’s broad target; the store’s hyper-friendly environment and low prices attract a wide range of shoppers. “They wanted to launch it in a place other than traditional supermarkets,” Crisman said, “and Old Navy keeps coming up as one of the most popular brands with kids.”

As for Old Navy, “[The alliance] is very appropriate because we have a lot of flexibility,” Crisman said. “Whether that be a cereal box or an Indy race car,” which the brand sponsors.

“Getting on supermarket shelves is an apparel marketer’s dream,” said Alan Millstein, editor of the Fashion Network Report. “It’s even better than Calvin Klein putting ads on popcorn bags at movie theaters. Somebody had their thinking cap on. They’ll get great exposure.”


Also, starting this month, Mills links with Tiger to help whip up consumer interest in its new handheld game and continue the toy store run of phenomenal Giga Pets product.

Tiger is offering $10 back on its new, a competitor to Nintendo’s Gameboy, on 12 million packages of Frosted Cheerios, HoneyNut Cheerios and Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs starting later this month and running through November. The on-pack offer will be supported by $2 million-plus in TV media and a 48 million-circulation FSI. Also on-pack are instant-win games., Tiger’s first entry into the cartridge-based game business, also gets a boost through a sponsorship of MTV’s Rock and Jock Basketball tourney airing later this fail, with special graphics inserting into the show. The $69.95, which has a calculator, organizer, calendar and other features built in, is targeted at demos beyond the hard-core gamer. One option sets up Internet and email access.

Tiger also plans upwards of $3 million in its own media for on the way to outpacing its $43.8 million ad spending in ’96 by at least $6 million. Agency is Posnick & Kolker, New York.

A separate Mills promo, starting this week and running through December, puts a self-liquidating offer for Giga Pets on 15 million boxes of Frosted Cheerios, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Chex, Golden Grahams and Reese’s Puff Clusters. More than $2 million in TV media will support. It comes on the heels of KFC and Nabisco links with the pocket virtual pets.

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