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Raid Data Recovery

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

raid-dataEverybody always says that it is important to make sure you have a backup solution in place just in case you suffer from a major hard drive failure. This does make a lot of sense, and I recently had a situation in which we needed to get data recovery on what was a pretty seriously important machine for us. This was a machine that ran our exchange server and I have to say that it has always been a pretty good machine. Unfortunately, I think that we ran it for too long and the hard drives just started to get old. Everyone knows that when hard drive to hold the potential for mechanical failure is much higher and as a result you end up having to contact a raid data recovery company.

Of course, this ended up happening to us but I was happy …

Fast Exchange Recovery

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Exchange-recoveryI’m still trying to figure out exactly what we should do in order to make sure we get an effective Exchange recovery. I haven’t been in a lot of situations in which our Microsoft exchange database one completely inaccessible, but this is definitely one of them. I think it is because the rate server that we were working with ended up dropping two drives at once. I think they basically call this a raid failure, but it is unfortunate because of the fact that we host our exchange server on this machine.

I was fortunate though that a buddy of mine has dealt with a couple of server recovery companies in California, and he tells me that probably the best one out there is called RDRS. I have already been in contact with them and they are telling me that they should be …

Fitness Tips To Keep You From Blobbing Out

Friday, August 7th, 2015

ftsWho were the first Frisbee throwers? The ninja, of course. (Though if you tried to catch one of their “Frisbees” you might end up, Road Warrior–style, picking your fingertips off the ground.) Students at Ron Blackwood’s dojo in Orange, California, still train with shuriken, or throwing stars, even though, as Blackwood says, “they’re illegal as all get-out here in California.” The point is, once you’ve mastered the art of throwing the bladed shuriken, almost anything can become a weapon. “I’m sitting here looking at a coaster,” Blackwood says “That could he a shuriken A tin-can lid, a saucer, a CD–those could be shurikerz.”

A Frisbee-that could be a shuriker.

To strengthen and enhance the flexibility of their wrists–the better to throw at you with, my dear–Blackwood’s students do sets of pushups on their fists or their fingertips.

The throw itself marshals the principles of taijuisu, which literally means “body art” and practically means that every ounce of your weight and strength will be put into every punch, every throw. If throwing with your right hand, stand with your rightfoot pointed directly at your target, your knees bent, and your leftfoot behind you, pointed backward at a 45-degree angle. Start with your weight on you rear foot, your hand holding (more…)

Don’t Be A SnoreHead!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

snoreheadI don’t know about you, but when I wake up I generally let out a huge yawn, stretch until I can feel (or hear) my joints crack and generally laze about until my brain kicks in. Sometimes I’ll laze in bed and read a book or check out something on my phone before I actually get out of bed and I like doing so without any obstructions.

This is generally my morning routine provided I’ve had a good sleep. There are a lot of things that can impact whether or not you have a good sleep. Temperature, position, health, comfort are some of the major reasons why people can have a great sleep or a terrible sleep. If you’re unable to shut off your brain at night and you find yourself running through all the issues and problems you’ve had during the day that can really put a damper on your slumber. There’s also a huge issue that many people face that can make or break their sleep: snoring.

Now, you might snore or your partner might snore but the fact of the matter is that someone in your house is snoring and keeping people awake. I’ve heard tales of those who have snored so loudly the walls shook or that the snoring was so unbearable the spouses slept separately. While these might seem kind of funny the reality is that it’s going to put a strain on the relationship of those in the house.

If you are a snorer or know someone who is, chances are you have been looking into ways to help stop the snoring. You might even have read about the ZQuiet mouthpiece. Some people snore only when they’re sick because their noses are blocked and there are other ways to circumvent that issue. I want to talk about the people who snore constantly and they have no idea why.

Many people snore because when they are sleeping the muscles in their mouths and neck relax and the tongue falls to the back of the mouth therefore blocking off the airway. Some people snore because they drink or smoke before bed or because they may be struggling with weight issues. These concerns can all be addressed by focusing on the airway. The people who suffer with these concerns have airways that are not completely clear when they are sleeping which causes the sound we all know.

There are a lot of items on the market but there are some you should really stay away from. One of the more popular anti-snoring devices that a lot of people are using these days is anti-snoring mouthpieces. Some great reviews are here. They work by sitting your mouth and either pushing your jaw forward or holding your tongue in place so (more…)

How Cereal And Video Games Got Together To Make Sales

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015


The “Breakfast and Blue Jeans–better together” promo shows the wide accessibility of Old Navy’s offbeat lifestyle position. The retailer’s name will be on the front of 3 million cereal boxes, and the entire back panel will advertise the promo, which offers consumers $5 off Old Navy purchases of $25 or more. In true Old Navy ad style, the panel contains the coupon and a shot of its jeans, with campy graphic bursts highlighting product features through nutritional-type boasts, such as “fortified with six sturdy rivets” and “good for you.” The Old Navy logo and slogan, “Shopping is fun again,” runs below.

A side panel announces a sweepstakes. For the grand prize, an Old Navy truck will bring jeans, sweatshirts, caps and cereal to up to 2,000 students at the winner’s school. TV spots by General Mills agency Campbell Mithun Esty (more…)

Should One Start A Business Blog?

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

abbAmong various marketing tools, blogging is the most powerful one, but only for those who know how to create the best content. Those who are wondering how to start a blog should answer many questions before making any further decisions.

The first thing one should think about is if he needs a blog. This requires some sort of commitment, and it is not enough to create a blog and leave it that way. Those who do not enjoy writing will never succeed, but there is also an alternative; creating an audio or video blog.

The next thing to consider is the audience one wants to attract. The target audience should use the Internet, read blogs, use search engines and social media, and if they do not belong in those groups, the blog will be a waste of time. Not every blog has the same purpose, so one needs to figure out if he wants to increase the search engine ratings or reach new customers, for instance. Even when the blog is finished, it should be promoted and one should know how to determine the blog success. Everyone can find out how to start a blog, but still, (more…)

Get The Gizmo, Man, Before Things Get Crazy

Monday, May 25th, 2015

Gizmo Gypsies is offering an interactive-adventure-story-filled CDROM and DVD called “The Little Wizard.” It’s ideal for anyone looking for an educational, yet entertaining option to reading a book. And, it’s a fun way to introduce your child to the computer.

3dmDeveloped by an expert team of conceptual artists, musicians, animators, 3D modeling and interactive game developers, and programmers, “The Little Wizard,” is targeted at children ages three to eight. Upon entering into the world of the Little Wizard, you and your child are greeted with richly detailed illustrations and brightly colored graphics. You join along as he and his forest friends journey to strange and mystical lands such as wild-and-crazy Bugville, Slo-Mo Junction, and nutty Normal Town in search of someone who may have special powers like his own.

A number of games interspersed throughout the series of adventure stories allow your child to build skills such as pattern recognition, basic math, construction, and color mixing. In the Cave Game, for example, the child is asked to match colors and solve basic math problems. The Eartail Forest game calls on your child to use the mouse and keyboard to help the Little Wizard create music or add sounds. In Slo-Mo Junction, the child follows a blueprint to build different things with blocks. Other games found in the Little Wizard adventure stories include The Snoring Game and The (more…)